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rhoziva rhodiola roseaRhoziva's 9 Steps of Excellence

At Nanton Nutraceuticals, quality assurance is considered to be of the utmost importance. Your health and safety will always be our highest priority.

Rhoziva adheres to and surpasses all Canadian government quality control testing standards and protocols to bring you a Pure, Potent & Powerful Rhodiola rosea product. Our stringent product testing is designed to give you the highest standards of safety and quality.

Here is what we do...

1. Selecting seed and growers

ARRGO uses seed stock from heritage seeds that were purchased from the government of Finland. Through careful plant selection seeds are harvested from parent plants carrying the richest supply of active ingredients. From there the best seedlings are chosen for planting. Nanton Nutraceuticals accepts only Rhodiola rosea products grown by the Alberta Rhodiola Rosea Growers Organization (ARRGO). All ARRGO growers must be certified under the World Health Organization's Good Agricultural Collection Practices program for medicinal herbs. ARRGO demands that when growers sign on to grow Rhodiola they must buy their initial seedling stock from ARRGO's strictly controlled source of seed which is derived from ARRGO’s Good Agricultural Collection Practices Program that certifies the seeds/seedlings. Going forward, growers are allowed to use seed from their own crops for subsequent plantings. This insures that all of ARRGO's Rhodiola rosea product is of the correct variety and is uniformly certified.

2. Before harvest testing

ARRGO does the first test in the field of each individual grower before the root is allowed to be harvested. Growers must submit samples of their root to an independent certified laboratory in Edmonton, Alberta to test for active compound content. If the samples fail to meet the ARRGO standards, the farmer must keep that crop in the ground until the following year. Only roots containing sufficient active compounds will be allowed to be harvested and processed at ARRGO's facility, which is the first and only one of its kind in the world.

3. Dry and prepare root for extraction, then further testing

Fresh roots are delivered to the processing plant to be chipped and dehydrated at low temperature to preserve active ingredients. Each farmer's roots are bagged separately and given a unique, traceable ID number, allowing us to trace all roots back to the original field in which they were grown. ARRGO performs the next test on the roots after they come out of the dehydrator, testing for active compounds and suitability for use. We then ship our roots to Canadian Phytopharmaceuticals Corp.

4. Extraction Process testing

CanPhyto are the extraction specialists. They perform another test to confirm that all roots they receive contain the test levels reported by ARRGO. In addition, they test for any moulds or pesticides to ensure consumer safety.

5. Certificate of Approval

After CanPhyto completes the extraction process, they adjust the concentration of active compounds in the powdered extract to ensure at least 3% total rosavins - the industry standard. In actual fact, for Rhoziva, we go 5% higher to provide insurance that we will always exceed standard levels. The extracted product is then tested yet again; this time for active compounds, heavy metals, and bacteria. This set of tests is especially stringent, as all results must be made available to Health Canada.

At this point, the herb extract is approved to go to market, and forms the foundation for Rhoziva.
Why do we perform so many stages of testing with Rhoziva? To separate Rhoziva from every other Rhodiola rosea product on the market...

6. Formula preparation testing

Before mixing up batches of the Rhoziva formula, we send out all of the pharmaceutical grade vitamins and minerals that will be combined with the Rhodiola rosea for tests to ensure they are of the correct potency for consumption. The optimum synergistic combination of vitamins and minerals is added to our formulation as it helps with the bioavailability of our product.

7. Formulation process testing

Once the Rhodiola rosea extract is obtained, then the Rhoziva formulation process takes place. The product is again put through a comprehensive set of tests to ensure the correct blend and potency, and also to ensure that no contamination of the product has occurred in the manufacturing process. Nanton Nutraceuticals ensures that all active ingredients are above the required standards.

8. Final packaging

The Rhoziva finished product is then shipped to QPharm, a fully licensed and equipped facility. QPharm provides blister packaging services to the natural health industry and is located in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada (just 40 min southwest of Toronto) and holds a Health Canada issued Drug Establishment License for packaging (DIN) and Site License for manufacturing and packaging (NHP).

9. Third party audit

The final stage of testing Rhoziva™ is carried out by a third party audit to ensure our high standards for quality & safety are met.

Our philosophy of excellence mirrors what the best, most ethical pharmaceutical companies do.
We are committed to providing our customers with a Rhodiola rosea product that is safe, effective, and high quality.

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RhozivaTM adheres to and surpasses all Canadian government quality control testing standards and protocols to bring you a Pure, Potent and Powerful Rhodiola rosea product. Learn about Rhoziva's 9 Steps of Excellence.

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