Frequently Asked Questions

How many capsules of Rhoziva™ should I take a day?

  • Our package suggests taking two capsules (100mg each) per day for a total of 200mg per day.
  • Always consult a health practitioner about adjusting dosage.

When should I take Rhoziva™?

  • The capsules can be taken with or without meals; however, to get the most effect, it is recommended to take Rhoziva™ 20-30 minutes before breakfast or lunch (for shift workers - before the first 2 meals of your day).
  • Because one effect noticed by many people taking Rhodiola rosea is an increase in energy, it is recommended to take Rhoziva™ in the first half of your day (before 3pm) so you will not be over-energized before bedtime.

How long does it take to notice results?

  • "Results" differ for each individual — 4 out of 5 people will notice a difference in one to six days.
  • Healthy changes brought on by adding supplements, herbs or nutrient-dense super foods usually happen gradually.
  • For your own interest, keep a log of when you take your Rhoziva™ capsules and make notes of mood, stress levels, mental clarity, physical stamina and general wellbeing. Periodically, go back through your notes to observe changes.

Why does the Rhoziva™ package suggest this is for periodic use and that I should consult a health care practitioner regarding use beyond 4 consecutive months? Can I not take Rhoziva™ on a continuous basis?

  • Some sources say the effectiveness of adaptogen herbs is sustained better if you take periodic short breaks from them, and even though there is no evidence to support that conjecture, Nanton Nutraceuticals chooses to take a conservative position in their recommendations for taking Rhoziva™.
  • One benefit in taking a break is that you will likely notice an absence of the benefits that occurred when you started taking Rhoziva™ or you may recognize overlooked benefits.
  • Rhodiola rosea has been used safely for centuries by traditional cultures.
  • Rhodiola rosea is the only species in the genus Rhodiola that has passed extensive studies and been certified safe for both humans and animals.

Has there been research to see if this product can be taken with other medications?

  • There has been a lot of research done with Rhodiola rosea. See our Media page for some of the excellent research available. A very good reference written by doctors who use Rhodiola rosea in their practices is the book: "The Rhodiola Revolution" by Brown and Gerbarg. On pp. 78-79 they discuss Interactions, Precautions and Contraindications for a list of adaptogen herbs (Rhodiola rosea included). There are other references throughout the book as to the use of Rhodiola rosea with medications.
  • Direct your health practitioner to our website or to the above mentioned book and discuss with them whether Rhoziva™ is appropriate for you.

If I buy a certain number of boxes, is there a discount?

  • Discounts are offered periodically on our website and by our affiliates. Whenever you order $200 or more, you will receive free shipping.

What are my shipping options? Do I have to use Canada Post?

  • $9.95 via UPS for regular shipping.
  • $12.95 via Canada Post for shipping to rural, PO box and rural locations.
  • $29.95 via Canada Post for all international shipping.

Can Rhoziva™ be taken by people who also use caffeine?

  • Yes. If you are already consuming stimulants such as caffeine when you start taking Rhoziva™, observe your level of stimulation or nervousness. If you feel over stimulated, jittery or nervous, try cutting back on your caffeine intake. Some people find they are happy to eliminate coffee or other stimulants because they now have excellent, balanced energy on Rhoziva™.

Is it exported outside the country for processing?

  • No. It is all handled in Canada from seed to shelf. The seeds are certified, the Canadian farmers are certified, the roots are chipped and dried in a processing plant built in Thorsby, Alberta, specifically for this project. The dried root is extracted at Canadian Phytopharmaceuticals Corp in Richmond, BC, the formulation and encapsulation is done by QPharm based out of Cambridge, Ontario.
  • We are so proud of all the levels of testing, analysis … AND the product analysis has to be submitted for approval to Health Canada. The claims on our box have been approved with an EN number. You can read the claims on our About page.
  • Check out our quality assurance.

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