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What is Rhoziva?

Rhoziva™ is a proprietary herbal blend utilizing the powerful Rhodiola rosea root which helps to fight fatigue, promote mental focus and clarity, enhance memory, increase physical endurance during periods of physical exertion and support physical and mental stamina during times of increased stress. Rhodiola rosea protects against Glutathione depletion, helping maintain immune function by acting as a potent antioxidant. In addition to helping the body form red blood cells and maintain proper muscle function, Rhodiola rosea helps to improve the body’s ability to metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins while helping maintain healthy skin.

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What is Rhodiola rosea?

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Rhodiola rosea is the world's most powerful adaptogenic herb with the most unique and extraordinary benefits.

While contributing to energy production, Rhodiola rosea is included among a small number of botanicals called adaptogens. Adaptogens differ from chemical stimulants (such as nicotine and caffeine) in that they are physiologically and psychologically beneficial as opposed to being harmful and addictive.

Rhodiola rosea improves physical and mental performance, reduces fatigue and increases alertness and attentiveness.

One of Rhodiola rosea's most notable properties is that of balancing the human body's stress response. It is well recognized that a physically negative reaction to stress is the main contributing factor to sickness and disease. By helping you deal with stress, Rhodiola rosea is a simple and proactive first step in bringing your mind and body into balance.

What is an Adaptogen?

An adaptogen is a safe, natural botanical that balances multiple body systems and supports the body in its response to stressors. Adaptogens act in nonspecific ways to strengthen resistance without disrupting normal biological processes. They work with the body to balance stress reactions and improve energy production. It improves long-term health and performance without causing negative effects or dependence.

In 1969, the following formal definition of adaptogens was published by Israel Brekhman and Igor Dardymov.


Cause nonspecific responses, ie. an increase in resistance to several stress factors, including physical, chemical and biological factors. Have a normalizing impact on physiology, irrespective of the direction from which the stressor acts. Does not interfere with the normal functioning of the organism more than is necessary to increase nonspecific resistance.

"A substance that acts in nonspecific ways, to increase resistance without disturbing normal biological functions." - Dr. Andrew Weil

Brekhman II, Dardymov IV: New Substances of plant origin which increase nonspecific resistance. Annu Rev Pharmacol. 1969; 9:419-30

Davydov M, Krikorian AD: Eleutherococcus senticosus (Rupr. & Maxim.) Maxim. (Araliaceae) as an adaptogen: a closer look. J Ethnopharmacol. 2000 Oct; 72(3):345-93.

Why Rhoziva?

Rhoziva™ adheres to and surpasses all Canadian government quality control testing standards and protocols (arguably the most stringent in the world). Rhoziva™ has one of the highest safety and quality assurance of any Rhodiola rosea product on the market.

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Our Quality Assurance

Every lot of Rhodiola rosea that goes into Rhoziva™ goes through stringent testing and results are submitted for analysis before going to market. Canadian standards are the highest in the natural health product industry.

Destroying the Myth of Wildcrafted Rhodiola

Consider these factors:

Rhodiola rosea is an endangered plant. In the 1980s it was recognized that wild crops have been over-harvested and as a result, wild Rhodiola rosea is an endangered species. With limited supplies of quality Rhodiola rosea plants available to the market, Rhodiola preparations are declining in effectiveness and quality because other species of Rhodiola are being substituted (highly variable in quality and questionable pharmacological effect). Rhodiola rosea is also the only species that demonstrates the level of adaptogenic ingredients that imparts the highest benefits. Not all plants within the Rhodiola rosea species contain active ingredients. The active ingredients vary widely depending on each plant species and the soils where it's grown. There's no control over what contaminants (including heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, moulds, fungus) are contained in wild plants and roots.

Enough said!

Quality control at every step. Canadian Natural Health Product standards are the highest in the world.

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RhozivaTM adheres to and surpasses all Canadian government quality control testing standards and protocols to bring you a Pure, Potent and Powerful Rhodiola rosea product. Learn about Rhoziva's 9 Steps of Excellence.

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